Nature knows healthy skin!

Try NEW Nature by Canus Vegetal Base Soaps, Foaming Milk Baths, Silky Body Washes and Creamy Body Lotions made with Fresh Canadian Goat Milk.

In respect to Mother Nature, our ingredients are meticulously sourced from responsible producers. We believe choosing good products for you and the environment should not compromise all the things you’d like to accomplish.

Our Products

  • do not contain EDTA; phosphates or parabens;
  • are free of dyes and colorants;
  • are not tested on animals.

Nature gives us all we need.

Our Nature goat milk soaps and products are now using sustainable palm oil

Our new and improved pure vegetal base soap is made with traceable palm oil from a certified sustainable palm plantation.

We produce sustainable, carbon negative palm oil for Nature Fresh Goat Milk soaps. Handpicked from a strictly organic, 4,000-hectare plantation, palm fruits are pressed without consuming external energy. In fact, the boiler used to extract the palm oil is fueled by palm tree husks and fibers.

The result?

A carbon negative palm oil production. With this unique and innovative system, we are now producing more energy than we are using.

Nature knows soft skin.
Nature knows nourished skin.
Nature knows hydrated skin.

Our pure vegetal base Soaps contain mild ingredients that purify the skin without affecting its natural moisture barrier. Our Silky Body Washes and Foaming Milk Baths are tested under dermatological control, they respect skin’s natural pH, are not irritant and hypo-allergenic. Our Creamy Body Lotions have a high concentration of emollients that provide increased hydration and a silkier feel to the skin and its innovative preservative system is non-irritating.

All products are made with Fresh Canadian Goat Milk

Available in these fresh fragrances:

What are the benefits and virtues of fresh goat’s milk?

Since 1998, the Canus Laboratory has developed a proven technique that transfers the benefits of fresh goat milk to its product lines. Goat milk is recognized for containing moisturizing fatty acids, Vitamins, potassium, zinc and selenium. The cream present in goat’s milk is a moisturizer for soothing dry and damaged skin. Full of essential nutrients and vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, B12, and E, that feed the skin and are absorbed into the body. Proteins are easily absorbed by the skin, contributing to a deep and extended hydration. All those benefits are encapsulated in our Nature goat milk soaps and skincare products!

From the soil to the market:
The Story of our Soap

Plant-base ingredients traditionally saponified + Fresh Canadian Goat Milk + Partners with sustainable objectives

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Discover why Nature gives us all we need.

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