Fresh goat’s milk is amazing and so are our Caprina goat milk soaps!

We’re excited to present our refreshed and revitalized Caprina goat milk soaps and skincare line. It’s our most affordable Fresh Goat’s Milk skincare line available. We want to make sure every Canadian family has access to the greatness of goat’s milk, without ever compromising the quality or benefits for your skin. The entire Caprina product family is made using fresh goat’s milk from local goat farmers.

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Discover the benefits of goat’s milk soap!

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional soap, you can try soap made from fresh goat’s milk right here in Montreal! Find out more from Global’s Kim Sullivan and Caprina Soaps founder André Beauregard.

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We love goats. And their moisturizing milk is amazing!

The cream present in goat’s milk is a moisturizer for soothing dry and damaged skin. Full of essential nutrients and vitamins A, B2, B3, B6, B12, and E, that feed the skin and are absorbed into the body. Proteins are easily absorbed by the skin, contributing to a deep and extended hydration.

We love goats & we treat them well!

Our skincare products are made using fresh goat’s milk from local goat farmers.

The goats we know are rather eccentric – but we’re okay with that, because their milk is just so moisturizing!

Canus uses fresh goat’s milk collected from Quebec farmers before transforming it and packaging the finished products. As its Caprina brand turns 20, this family-owned company is very proud to see Caprina’s soap bars rank fifth among the best-selling ones in the country. Moreover, people will notice the line’s new colours not only here, but abroad, because nowadays, the Caprina goat can be seen smiling all over the world. Its products have gained fans across America, Europe and Asia, where they are sold in big-box stores, drugstores and specialty shops.

All our suppliers of goat’s milk are registered at the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA). Our suppliers respect strict norms in order to ensure that goats are treated appropriately. All of our goats have access to outdoor installations.

What are the benefits and virtues of fresh goat’s milk?

The benefits and virtues of fresh goat’s milk have been known since the beginning of time. Man has known the benefits of goat’s milk for at least 10,000 years. Legend has it Cleopatra took a milk bath every day. Still wondering about the secret behind her great beauty?

Why choose fresh goat milk versus powdered goat milk?

The reason is simple, science. When you use powdered goat milk you lose all the benefits and nutrients that are contained in FRESH goat milk. Fresh goat milk is full of essential nutrients and vitamins that nourish and moisturize dry skin providing a deep and extended hydration.

All Caprina goat milk soap products are made following a traditional soap-making process, using fresh goat’s milk. Rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and triglycerides, it cleanses the skin without drying it or altering its natural moisture barrier. Finished products are not tested on animals, the Caprina product range is phosphate-free and paraben-free.

A Vast Selection: fresh goat milk soaps, moisturizing lotions, body washes and bubble baths!

The Caprina line contains an array of 50 skincare products made from fresh goat’s milk. Whether it is bar soap, body wash, bubble bath, body lotion or the liquid hand soap, each one is offered in various distinctive fragrances:

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