The Beauty of Fresh Goat’s Milk

Fresh Goat’s Milk is one of Mother Nature’s most nurturing ingredients. It has been used in skin care for centuries and is best known for its superior moisturizing properties.

Shorter protein strands allow for easy absorption. A whole host of natural minerals and vitamins in fresh goat’s milk are absorbed right along with all that protein, helping to nourish healthy skin and heal the rough patches.

Wait. It gets better.

Fresh goat’s milk also contains capric and caprylic acids that naturally balance the alkalinity of our products so that it more closely matches the ideal alkalinity level of the human epidermis.

This keeps skin and hair from being “stripped” of their natural moisture – a common problem with regular commercial soaps and shampoos. Of course, our mission at Canus is to take what we know works and make it work even better. We’re constantly researching and developing new fresh goat’s milk soaps and lotions formulated with the additional benefits of natural oils and botanicals like Lavender and Shea Butter.

All skin, even “special needs” skin, can benefit from our Caprina, Nature by Canus, and Li’l Goat’s for children lines. The moisture-rich benefits of fresh goat’s milk products by Canus work great for the entire family.


Lee-Hwa Tai

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