Caprina Holiday Sample Set


Are you going to travel during the holidays or just want to try new products?

If so, this Caprina Holiday Sample Set could be a great tool for your needs! We all know how tidious packing your suitcase can get and this sample set takes little to no space, is ready to go and shareable with your loved ones!

Our Caprina Holiday Sample Set comes with a Christmas insert, a cosmetic bag and the following items :

  • Amazing Body Wash Original Formula (1 fl.oz – 30 ml)
  • Nourishing Amazing Body Wash with Shea Butter (1 fl.oz – 30 ml)
  • Legendary Bubble Bath Original fragrance (3.38 fl.oz – 100 ml)
  • Relaxing Soap bar with Lavender oil (1.3 oz – 37 g)
  • Fragrance free Soap bar for sensitive skin (1.3 oz- 37 g)
  • Moisturizing Soap bar with Orchid Flower Extract (1.3 oz – 37 g)
  • Refreshing Eucalyptus Mint Soap bar  (1.3 oz – 37g)