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Back when Cleopatra bathed in fresh goat's milk, all skincare treatments were natural and organic.

Nature by Canus is a new line of natural, fresh goat's milk products that uses organic ingredients whenever possible to promote facial wellness. More than just beauty creams and lotions, each Nature by Canus formula relies on the unique properties of unusual and often exotic botanicals to help keep skin happy and healthy.

For example, some of the new products will contain certified organic theobroma grandiflorum seed butter from the Cupuacu tree of Northern Brazil and certified organic murumuru butter (say it out loud - MOO-ROO-MOO-ROO - it's fun!) from the Amazon. Of course, we keenly practice sustainability when sourcing ingredients from Mother Nature's jungle emporium. Keeping her beautiful is as much a priority as keeping you looking and feeling your best.

For those with very sensitive skin, it's good to know that all Nature by Canus products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

nature by canus